E-Learning trends

There are many ways in which people learn and how they are taught. Of increasing popularity is the use of e-learning.

Here at Accelerate we regularly participate in live online tutorials from various marketing and training portals to support our CPD. We have also engaged with online teaching packages which are modular and can be completed at our convenience. The latest was a ‘GDPR for the Marketer’ course offered by the Chartered Institute of Marketing; a three hour training package to ensure marketing strategy and campaigns are compliant with the GDPR.

The market research undertaken here at Accelerate has also highlighted opportunities for e-learning. Some of our University clients offer courses which lend themselves to this mode of teaching. The advantage is that participants, who may be in full time occupations and cannot spare a full day in the classroom, are able to undertake useful learning programs at their leisure.

It also allows potential participants, who may be remote from the University or teaching establishment, the opportunity to engage with the very best and latest guidance on certain topics and subjects.

The research Accelerate Associates has conducted suggests that many healthcare practitioners and academics within the scientific community welcome this style of studying and many engage with different courses on a regular basis.

Recent projects in the education sector identified that primary and secondary school teachers would engage with distance learning with the interactivity that e-learning modules can deliver.

While nothing will replace the benefits of the teacher, the classroom and the possibilities for interaction that this provides, variety, as with all things, really is the spice of life!


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