Healthcare Market Research

Accelerate Associates healthcare market research services leverage intelligence about the services provided in the health market as well as the products and allied services that are used to maintain or restore health.

With a decade of experience researching healthcare markets, Accelerate interviews a wide spectrum of clinical specialists, general practitioners, pharmacists, nurses and healthcare assistants. In addition, we also engage with senior management representatives and procurement professionals, identifying all those who are responsible for making and influencing buying decisions.

Undertaking healthcare market research for a variety of equipment and supplies, Accelerate Associates has researched: voice recognition workflows in pathology and radiology services, a recycling technology in anaesthesia as well as a variety of medical devices for use in specialties such as surgery, diabetes, paediatrics and more.

Healthcare market research helps make a difference to people’s lives. Qualitative research enables us to determine how and why people do things and to try to understand behaviour. In addition, quantitative research provides our clients with data to support confident business decision making and business planning.

A key facet of the healthcare industry is regulation. Perhaps one of the most regulated markets, medical device regulation can prove challenging for companies looking to develop and market their own product. Accelerate Associates has a strong track record of working with early stage medical devices where we can advise on the regulatory landscape for a device.

For clients requiring additional assistance, our associate network includes human factors and regulatory affairs consultants and intellectual property specialists, enabling us to draw on expert opinion to deliver bespoke advice that is uniquely targeted to each client.

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