Market Research Techniques

At Accelerate, we use a variety of market research techniques. As always, we aim to make the research process as straightforward as possible for clients and we will work with you to understand your strategic objectives and requirements from the research project.

Market Research techniques used by Accelerate Associates include:

  • Primary Data Collection E-surveys
  • Postal Surveys
  • Telephone Surveys
  • Face to Face Interviews
  • Questionnaire Design
  • Data Processing
  • Secondary Research
  • Media Research
  • External Data
  • Internal Data Research
  • Report Production

Medical Device Market Research (Innovation Assessments and NPD Due Diligence)

Accelerate Associates specialises in assessing the market for novel medical device and technology innovations.

We offer a bespoke B-2-B market research service to companies and our service offering uses market research techniques such as:

  • Obtaining clinical opinion
  • Obtaining expert opinion
  • Identifying route to market intelligence
  • Identifying NHS sales route and opportunity intelligence
  • Desk research

With an established background in conducting market research across the NHS, Accelerate can access clinical opinion from virtually all clinical specialties.

Market Analysis & Business Development

Accelerate Associates provides market analysis services to support business development activities. The service includes thorough research and identification of potential target customers based on bespoke requirements.

The benefits of using Accelerate to identify target customers include:

  • An efficient service that allows sales teams to concentrate on revenue generation.
  • European coverage as required.
  • A unique target customer database is created. The data is 100% current, correct and qualified, providing clients with a source of competitive advantage in the marketplace

Quality assured

All work undertaken by Accelerate Associates is conducted in accordance to the Market Research Society Code of Conduct.

The Code of Conduct was originally created to ensure that all organisations engaged in research, insight and data analytics, maintain professional standards. In recent years, the code of conduct has expanded to cover all professional activities being undertaken by MRS Members and MRS Company Partners.

Compliance with the code of conduct also reassures respondents and clients alike that activities undertaken by Accelerate are carried out in a professional and ethical manner.

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