University Technology Transfer

Accelerate Associates provides bespoke market research services to UK University Technology Transfer Offices, Commercialisation and Business Development teams to support the successful commercialisation of university intellectual property.

From market assessments to determine market need for an innovation to route to market model studies to identify potential licensees or companies that may be interested in a direct purchase of intellectual property rights.

Valuation of IP assets can be challenging if the potential market opportunity is not fully understood for an early stage technology. Accelerate Associates’ market assessments equip technology transfer representatives with the key market dynamics intelligence so that they may enter into negotiations from a position of knowledge.

Project examples include:

Our research often highlights how best to transfer the outputs of university research into new products and services that will benefit society. Academic research in the fields of medicine, engineering and life sciences will give rise to the technologies of tomorrow .

At Accelerate, we review extremely early-stage technologies as well as those that are more established; identifying opportunities and shaping how best to market these fledgling ideas into the business sector.

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