Route To Market Strategy

Accelerate Associates produces route to market strategy reports for both university and private sector clients. Our market research studies identify potential route to market models, identifying potential sales partners, distributors and direct sales opportunities.

Determining the route to market strategy for a new medical device or laboratory product is critical to the success of your product. You need to engage your customers in the way they want and in the right place. Working with Accelerate, we provide the information you need to make informed decisions about the route to market model (how you you sell your product and how you plan your sales) that is right for your product and your business.

Accelerate Associates route to market strategy reports include:

  • An evaluation of the distribution landscape for your product
  • Identification of the strongest sales channels preferred by your target customer base
  • Identification of potential commercial partners and licensees
  • Prioritisation of opportunities.
  • Understanding the different distribution options in your new market is essential. For example, planning to sell a new product direct via an ecommerce website may be futile if your target customer base does not engage with ecommerce. Conversely, the use of international sales agents may be ideal for a small to medium enterprise that is looking to place a scientific product on the market that requires a technical sales approach.

Determining your route to market model is not an easy decision for any business. A route to market strategy report from Accelerate Associates will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about how to take your product to market.

At Accelerate, we can help you further. From engaging with potential licensees on your behalf to producing in depth competitor analysis reports, Accelerate Associates will help you to understand how these key elements impact on the success of your market entry strategy.

Examples of route to market studies undertaken by Accelerate include:

  • Identifying Potential Licensees for a medical device
  • Researching international cancer screening programme training needs
  • Identifying UK distributors for a Spanish medical device company

For companies based in Staffordshire, Accelerate Associates has been appointed as the provider of market research services for companies using the Business Bridge grant scheme. The scheme provides fully funded innovation vouchers of a value up to £7,000 to companies either in or looking to enter the healthcare market. The vouchers can be used for market access (market research), product design support or regulatory advice. For more information, please read about the Business Bridge here.

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