Medical Device Market Research

Established in 2007, Accelerate Associates is an expert provider of independent medical device market research and healthcare market research. Based in the United Kingdom, we deliver UK and international market research projects where all project data collection is conducted in local languages. A trusted partner to the Business Bridge Programme, we use our expertise and experience to deliver intelligent, bespoke B2B market research solutions. Accelerate medical device market research reports include clear recommendations based on the combined experience of the team and research findings to help our clients drive their business forward.

We offer a bespoke B2B market research solutions to companies including:

  • Obtaining clinical opinion
  • Obtaining expert opinion
  • Identifying the route to market strategy
  • Identifying NHS sales route and opportunity intelligence
  • Desk research
  • Accelerate Associates delivers insightful early stage medical device market research reports encompassing topics such as the size of the market, competition, routes to market and sales potential both nationally and internationally.

We serve medical device manufacturers and healthcare service providers supplying into multiple clinical specialties such as: trauma, emergency medicine, cardiology, diabetes, interventional radiology, radiology, cancer screening, sofware and web solutions for health and laboratory supplies. We cover the full spectrum of medical device areas and have proven expertise in anaesthetic technologies, surgical instrumentation and consumables, health improvement programmes, diagnostics, rehabilitation equipment and more.

Our research will evaluate your innovation for feasibility. From initial needs analysis to market assessment, concept testing and marketing communications research, Accelerate Associates’ market research services may be called upon at any time in the product life cycle such as:

  • Market attractiveness
  • Innovation assessment
  • Segmentation and positioning
  • Business development
  • Customer satisfaction monitoring
  • Pricing intelligence
  • Competitor analysis and bench-marking

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