Customer satisfaction surveys and ISO 9001

Accelerate Associates delivers customer satisfaction surveys for a variety of B2B customers in the medtech and science sectors. Customer surveys are a vital tool in the ISO 9001 quality management process.

For companies to survive in the long term, they need to sell products and services that customers want. Technological improvements mean that companies run the risk of quickly being left behind if they don’t engage with their customers to truly understand their wants and needs.

Many of our customer satisfaction survey clients are companies that are ISO 9001 registered – or aiming to achieve ISO registration.

The International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) 2015 version ISO 9001 says it “ensures that by putting customers first, organisations can make sure they consistently meet customer needs and enhance customer satisfaction. This can lead to more repeat custom, new clients and increased business for the organisation.”

In addition, ISO states that ISO 9001 registered organisations will be better equipped to expand into new markets, as some sectors and clients require ISO 9001 accreditation before doing business.

From small scale UK-only surveys to international customer satisfaction survey projects, Accelerate’s customer satisfaction survey services provide medtech and lifescience companies with a rich opportunity to learn from, and listen to, what their customers have to say; ensuring that they stay ahead of the competition.

Central to ISO 9001 is demonstrating that the customer voice has been heard. From continual feedback systems to bi-annual customer surveys, measurement of performance against critical KPIs can help measure and demonstrate when defined action and strategies have been implemented in response to customer requests; and whether that response has resulted in improved customer satisfaction.

With the tightening of privacy laws and the introduction of GDPR, potential customer survey clients and respondents can rest assured that their personal data is safe with Accelerate Associates. A member of SHIELD, our data handling processes and procedures are independently audited.

Read on here to learn more about customer satisfaction surveys by Accelerate Associates.


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