The medical technology market is ripe for innovation

What sets Accelerate apart from most marketing organisations is our first hand product management experience in the laboratory supplies and medical technology markets. Specifically, we have been at the coalface of identifying unmet needs in the market and then developing, manufacturing and marketing new products into markets that include: Packaging, medical devices, laboratory consumables, food supplements and emergency medical equipment.

Both Katherine and I regularly draw on experiences gained in our early days at Bibby Sterilin Limited; developing and marketing products in the laboratory consumables market. There are not a huge number of marketing consultants that know one end of a Husky injection moulding machine from the other.

In addition to working with all things polyethylene, polystyrene and silicone rubber (!), among the team we have experience in supplying the emergency services in the US and UK, the food supplements industry, packaging (bottles, caps and closures) and one of us even knows the best approach to bronzing the world’s strongest man – but that is a story for another day!

Perhaps best known for our work with early stage medical devices, we are acutely aware of the challenges that lie ahead in the healthcare market such as the proposed changes in the EU MDR. For smaller operators developing software as a medical device, apps and devices with integrated software, these devices are highly likely to be up classified in future, raising the bar considerably in terms of regulatory compliance complexity in a way that is not necessarily linked to the risk of an adverse event occurring.

However, regardless of the hurdles to come, there exists potential for exciting innovations to help provide the strategies the world will need to deliver effective, efficient healthcare to an ageing population.

Based on the research that we have undertaken over the last decade, we truly believe that the medical technology market is ripe for innovation and we would hope to see some segments of the market take significant steps forward this year. For example, use of gamification in rehabilitation in stroke patients and others.


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