Surveying runners of all abilities

Loughborough University, ranked 1st in the world for sport-related subjects, engaged Accelerate Associates to deliver a market reseach report on the UK running clinic market. Also required was market research on running analysis services available to runners.

The challenge

Market research was needed that would gather the views of runners of all abilities. Respondents were drawn from across the UK and were questioned regarding their running, knowledge and use of running analysis services. The survey also gathered information regarding attitudes towards improving running performance.

Customer testimonial:

Accelerate Associates provided us with the results of a comprehensive survey of the UK running clinic market, detailing potential clients and similar existing services which allowed us to make an informed decision on whether there was a potential market for our proposed running clinic, whether the clinic would be viable, and what the most effective marketing channels would be.

The approach

The main focus of the market research report on the UK running clinic market was an online survey that was disseminated to the UK running community through social media. The aim of the social media campaign was to attract runners of all abilities from beginner to athlete.

Secondary research was also undertaken to identify providers of running or technique analysis / running clinic services.


The market research report on the UK running clinic market survey detailed the views of 76 runners and covered topics such as:

  • Awareness and/or prior use of any running analysis service or clinic
  • Interest in developing running technique
  • Injury history and nature of injury
  • Marketing channels used by hobby runners

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