Nutrition PR

Accelerate has a wealth of experience in the nutrition market. One of our key account managers has a degree in nutritional biochemistry and has worked as a brand manager for one of the biggest sports nutrition brands in the world.

Accelerate Associates works with manufacturers and suppliers of foods and food supplements as well as working closely with some of the UK’s leading universities on health and health associated products.

If you work in the nutrition and food markets and require PR services, look no further than Accelerate for media relations support. Whether you require a digital marketing presence, print solution or exhibition management, Accelerate has the expertise and know-how to drive your business forward.

With the entire team qualified in science subjects, we are ideally placed to craft articles and press releases for a variety of audiences from internal communications through to trade, local or national press. In additional our translation services mean you have the right partner to move your business into international waters.

As leading market research experts in a variety of scientific, agricultural and medical markets, we are adept at using research to develop public relations and B2B marketing campaigns to deliver results.

Whether you wish to raise your profile, launch a new product or simply generate more leads, contact Accelerate today to discuss your PR requirements.

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