Modern advertising is complicated and diverse with many opportunities to promote your business to a range of customers both on and offline.

With our background in market research, Accelerate Associates will help you plan and implement an advertising campaign that targets those customers you wish to reach. Advertising budgets large or small need to be spent wisely and targeting and segmenting your customer base is the best way to ensure brand promotion and sales from any advertising campaign.

Whether you need a media planning service or a complete advertising design capability, we will provide the solution you require. Our creative solutions are always entrenched in our client’s key messages and we use our honed experience of the laboratory and medtech industry media to ensure the right concept appears in the key media, at the optimum time and position.

Over the years we have developed a wealth of media planning experience across trade and technical, outdoor, broadcast or online media in our industries, both in the UK and internationally. This means that in today’s marketplace, we are perfectly placed to negotiate competitive rates for our clients.

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