Walking Works Wonders!

Accelerate Associates are currently working in collaboration with Loughborough Universities, School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences promoting the Walking Works Wonders intervention for the workplace.

The Walking Works Wonders intervention was developed by Professor Cheryl Haslam, Professor of Health Psychology and Director of the Work and Health Research Centre at Loughborough with the aim of supporting a healthier workplace.

“Employees are becoming increasingly sedentary which is something humans aren’t meant to be,” explains Professor Haslam. “The Walking Works Wonders programme has been developed over a number of years, encouraging activity in the workplace tailored to an individual’s requirements.”

Colm Watling, Business Development Manager at Loughborough University comments, “We have worked with the team at Accelerate in the past on a similar project and have recruited them in this instance to promote Walking Works Wonders into companies across the UK.” Colm continues, “Accelerate spend the time, researching and connecting with the right people in large organisations illiciting those key early stage interactions on behalf of the University. Contacts which are then passed to the team here at the university have already demonstrated a very real interest in the programme.”

“The Walking Works Wonders intervention has been trialed and proven in some of the largest companies across the UK,” explains Katherine Bourne, Director at Accelerate Associates. “The benefits for the employees included weight loss, improved health and well-being. The organisations themselves noted, reduced staff sickness, increased productivity and improved staff morale. We are delighted to be able to work with Loughborough on this project as we are all guilty of spending too much time stuck in front of a computer or on the phone without thought to the consequences of our health and well-being.”

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