Feeling the pressure – blood pressure monitoring market research

Accelerate Associates has completed a report for the University of Newcastle considering the potential market for an Intelligent Blood Pressure Measurement Technology.

Academics at Newcastle University, Faculty of Medical Sciences have developed an intelligent technology which can identify when blood pressure measurements should be repeated. “We were commissioned by the Enterprise Team at Newcastle to investigate normal practices and procedures for blood pressure measurement,” explains Katherine Bourne, Partner, Accelerate Associates.

“We interviewed a range of medical practitioners to complete the primary research concentrating on those who monitor patient’s blood pressure on a regular basis including: GPs, Practice Nurses, Cardiologists and Midwives. 60% of respondents felt that blood pressure measurements varied significantly in an individual patient during a consultation and 68% felt that there was a need to improve the accuracy of blood pressure readings.” continued Katherine.

David continued: “The Accelerate team has been an invaluable resource, gathering market intelligence enabling us to make informed decisions on the marketing of Pupiloscope™ to the NHS and global healthcare market. They went the extra mile to complete strategic milestones and have a strong commercial outlook that supported our business growth plans. Indeed, the Accelerate team has proved to be such an invaluable resource that we have since formed a collaboration partnership so ViVO and Accelerate can collectively provide unified market research, new product development and manufacturing services to enable and support clinicians, the NHS and the MedTech industry to develop and commercialise new medical device ideas and technologies.”

“The report from Accelerate has provided us with a clear overview of the current perceptions of the UK blood pressure measurement market. In addition, Accelerate has also detailed feedback from practitioners with regards to the Intelligent Blood Pressure Measurement Technology developed here at the University. This will be invaluable for the downstream business development process for the device,” commented Dr Marie Labus, Business Development Manager, Enterprise and Research Services, University of Newcastle.

Accelerate Associates specialises in providing marketing consultancy and bespoke market research services to the laboratory and medical technology markets to aid business decision making.


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