Accelerate Surveys Suffolk

Accelerate Associates (AA) is currently working with Rapid Sample Processing Limited (RSP), suppliers of the Statspin range of bench top laboratory centrifuges and has just completed surveying the primary care market in Suffolk.

Accelerate Associates are specialists in providing bespoke market research to support new product development and commercial decision making in medical and laboratory markets.

Rapid Sample Processing met Accelerate Associates initially at the Institute of Biomedical Science Congress at the NIA in September 2009 where both companies were exhibiting.

Having recently supplied all of the GP surgeries in the Suffolk Primary Care Trust with their Statspin range of centrifuges, for centrifuging blood samples in situ, RSP were keen to investigate the benefits to the GP practices and the down stream effects within the hospital laboratory.

RSP appointed Accelerate Associates in May 2010 to commence a long term research assignment, conducting primary research with all the GP surgeries in Suffolk as well as the relevant hospital laboratories and local primary care trust. The project also involves a degree of secondary research considering the current blood sampling market within the UK.

Andrew Young, Managing Director of Rapid Sample Processing commented: ‘We are very keen to understand the impact of using a centrifuge within a GP surgery. We would like to consider the benefits within the surgery itself such as sample storage, patient convenience and choice. After speaking with laboratory managers, we know there are also downstream benefits in the laboratory with respect to sample quality and potential cost savings.

Meeting Accelerate has enabled us to outsource this research allowing an independent company to report on what we feel has been a very beneficial exercise. We are hoping to be able to roll out the centrifuges in a similar manner to other doctors surgeries around the UK.”

At the time of writing the initial secondary research has been completed together with the primary interviews for all the GP surgeries, laboratories and Suffolk PCT.


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