Accelerate Associates Conducts Stem Cell Market Research

Accelerate Associates, the B2B marketing consultancy to the medical, technology, bioscience and laboratory industries, based at BioCity Nottingham, has recently completed a report for the University of Newcastle considering the future market for induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC).

The University’s Institute of Genetic Medicine is home to world renowned experts within the field of iPSC. “We were commissioned by Newcastle University to undertake a study into induced pluripotent stem cells.” explains Katherine Bourne, Partner at Accelerate Associates. “Our objectives were to ascertain how these cells are currently being used in research and their potential usefulness in the future.”

“From conducting the primary research we were able to provide Newcastle with a picture of the market both from an academic and industry perspective. Most of the respondents were already using iPSC in their research and those that were not, were planning on using the cell lines in the near future. The study also provided interesting feedback regarding the structure of the market and other institutions and organisations working in the area.” continued Katherine.

Dr Lyle Armstrong, Reader in Cellular Reprogramming at The Institute of Genetic Medicine commented: “The report from Accelerate has provided us with a clear, independent understanding of the iPSC market. The information provided by our peers, through Accelerate will enable us to make sound business and research decisions in the future.”

Accelerate Associates specialises in providing marketing consultancy and bespoke market research services to the laboratory and medical technology markets to aid business decision making.


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