Assessing the healthcare market for a plumbing innovation

Rotarad Ltd required a plumbing innovation market assessment survey.

Rotarad manufactures a patented rotating valve kit for radiators which enables new or existing radiators to be rotated down to floor level for cleaning and decorating purposes – without having to remove or drain the radiator. The accessibility to the back of the radiator allows for deep cleaning, meaning harmful bacteria, dust and other allergens can be easily and regularly removed. In addition, the easy access to the back of the radiator means that maintenance and painting can be conducted without the inconvenience of having to remove the radiator from the wall.

The Challenge

The team at Rotarad were keen to assess the healthcare market opportunity for the rotating valve product and required market research to better understand the specifiers and contractors working in the healthcare field in the UK. In addition, Rotarad required an overview of the volume of refurbishment work conducted in the healthcare market, the scale of interest in their rotating valve kit and the reasons for this interest. Their research needs were combined into a plumbing innovation market assessment survey project.

The Approach

As part of the research, Accelerate Associates interviewed NHS Estate and Facilities Managers to better understand: the types of heating system currently in place, their relationship and influence on contractors and specifiers, and their opinion on the Rotarad valve and its use in a healthcare facility.

In addition, further research was conducted to establish the volume of renovation and refurbishment works undertaken by the NHS in the previous two years, works planned in the subsequent two years and the nature of these projects.

Personnel at healthcare specification architects and plumbing contractors were also interviewed to understand their purchasing process, the potential need for the Rotarad valve, the likelihood of adoption and any potential barriers to market entry.


“We are very pleased with the final report containing interesting and comprehensive relevant detailed information that has strongly influenced and guided us with our approach to professionally present the Rotarad product to the relevant decision makers in the NHS.”

The Results

All NHS Trusts interviewed by Accelerate were using wet heating systems and radiators in some general wards and administration areas which may benefit from the retrofit of the Rotarad valve to aid cleaning and maintenance.

From a healthcare market perspective, the research highlighted a market for the Rotarad valve in healthcare departments that still use radiators and that do not plan to upgrade the heating systems to radiant panels or air handling units in the immediate future.

Interviewing contractors and specifiers highlighted another potential market in the care home sector and in some primary healthcare facilities e.g. GP surgeries.

The research also established key sales and marketing opportunities which could be utilised by Rotarad to enable UK market penetration in consumer domestic heating markets and healthcare.


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