Pathology software marketing

Accelerate provides regular marketing communications support to Phoenixsoft, a specialist software development company.

Phoenixsoft produces software products primarily for the pathology market and have clients in both the private and public sectors.

The company designs, creates and delivers professional, quality software solutions that provide easy access to pathology data, enabling Pathology services to meet regulatory obligations and provide the best possible services to clinicians and patients in their care.

The brief

Phoenixsoft requires marketing communications support to raise awareness of their development capabilities and off-the-shelf software solution range. Phoenixsoft’s solutions include Data Companion, Lookup Companion and COSD Companion which are supplied to Pathology services to support easy data access and archiving of data held in Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).

Accelerate marketing support

Accelerate Associates works with the senior management team at Phoenixsoft, providing a flexible outsourced software marketing service.

Accelerate plans and executes a quarterly marketing communications plan that uses a mixture of web, PR, email marketing and social media to demonstrate the key features of Phoenixsoft’s Pathology software solutions.

Case studies, published on the company website and in regular e-newsletters, highlight the company’s expertise and capability in developing robust, effective pathology software solutions, and provide voice of the customer testimonials.

Monthly marketing meetings identify new deployment and application stories and identify new promotional opportunities with trusted partners.


“Accelerate Associates was tasked with creating a product awareness campaign to raise the profile of Phoenixsoft in the UK pathology space. The objective was to introduce new audiences to the benefits of our innovative pathology solutions.

Accelerate Associates’ strategy met our objectives, with strong communication based upon content delivery and prospect engagement, whilst also encouraging secondary interaction and lead generation through remarketing. The software marketing campaign was taken from concept to execution, delivering interaction beyond our expectations and providing us with customer insights through detailed analytics reporting.

The ongoing campaign provides Phoenixsoft with wide exposure for our solutions, educating audiences of their benefits. It reaches a large pathology audience in the UK and delivers a significant level of internet traffic, interaction with content and subsequent lead generation.”

Jason Woodard, CEO, Phoenixsoft Ltd.

The results

  • A structured and proactive strategic and tactical software marketing plan delivering increased sales of off-the-shelf pathology solutions.
  • Improved brand recognition and consistency in marketing approach.
  • Regular social media posts communicating key solution features, updates, and customer testimonials.
  • Creation of a bespoke pathology prospect database covering the UK.

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