Packaging Industry Customer Satisfaction Surveying

A global player in the packaging industry. Specialising in the manufacture of dispensers, the company supplies a number of markets including:

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Health
  • Salon and Spa
  • Food

The company is pushing hard to acquire market share.

The Brief

The client had identified a need to provide a more robust customer satisfaction monitoring process in line with their ISO quality management system requirements. The goal was to obtain feedback from major accounts throughout Europe. The survey was to identify the key issues that are important to clients when selecting a packaging supplier, and to measure performance in meeting these key customer needs. In addition, areas requiring improvements were identified and prioritised.

Our Approach

Accelerate developed a questionnaire.

The top 50 key accounts were selected for participation in the survey. Each participant was interviewed on the phone in their local language. This research spanned 7 countries. The survey is issued quarterly. A quarterly summary of results is prepared for the client and an annual monitoring report is prepared to identify trends.


  • First quarter results showed that the client has a good overall corporate image.
  • The research identified that a key strength are the relationships between key customers and the field sales team.
  • Two key quality/service areas were identified where performance was below par. Customer suggestions for improvements were reported to enable improvements in the future.

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