Carer support for patients accessing mental health services

Mondrem Wayfinder CIC has developed a technology-enabled support platform for carers of mental health service users of community mental health services.

Wayfinder provides a space for patients and carers to create a more effective and personalised way to manage the recovery journey from suspecting an issue through to diagnosis, recovery, and long-term management.

The challenge

To deliver a market assessment of the clinical needs of children and young people accessing mental health services and to determine if any clinical benefit can be attributed to improved carer support. The scope of the project also included an overview of changes in service design and demand for services in lieu of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, an assessment of the likely customer base for Wayfinder was also required.

The approach

Accelerate conducted both primary and secondary research.

Depth telephone interviews with Consultant Psychiatrists, senior nursing staff and commissioners of health services for children and young people were conducted.

Comprehensive secondary research was undertaken to compile a database of inpatient psychiatric care facilities for children and young people across the UK.


“Accelerate were impressive to work with from day one. They understood our market, and this meant they could work as critical partners of ours as we built the research focus and questions. The output was detailed, clear and informative. A true value to our growing business.”

The results

Accelerate Associates provided a detailed report identifying:

  • Clinical drivers for supporting carers
  • Insight into how clinical time is used and how this is impacted by journaling
  • Current key diagnoses driving mental health commissioning for children and young people
  • Target customer based for the Wayfinder product
  • Impact of Covid-19 on children and young people’s mental health and service delivery
  • Details of inpatient mental health services for children and young people.


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