Medical Devices Primary Market Research

Accelerate Associates was approached by MarchantCain Limited, development lead in a collaborative project to develop the Mediche diabetes management system . Mediche is the brainchild of a busy diabetic restauranteur who, together with MarchantCain Limited, EPX Limited and The Rich Media Company, has formed the Mediche company to take the idea to market.

The Brief

The research objectives were to:

  • Procure expert opinions to determine whether there is a need for the Medece device
  • Define the size of the market
  • Investigate the NHS for pricing intelligence
  • Research the key players in the market
  • Identify a potential route to market for the device.

Our Approach

  • AA undertook primary research to collect original clinical opinion.
  • The research examined key features and benefits of the device and collated suggested improvements to existing technologies
  • AA investigated the likely route to market and the key players in the insulin delivery market Secondary research identified the value and volume of the market across Europe


  • A substantial market opportunity was identified
  • Clinical opinion of the proposed Mediche device was universally positive
  • Accelerate Associates was able to identify accurate market volume and value data for the UK and other markets across the globe.
  • Mediche Limited has been able to use data from the report to formulate business plans and to complete seed funding and proof of concept funding applications to SRBI and the Lord Stafford Awards for Innovation.

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