International customer satisfaction surveys

This customer video features Mast Group Limited. Accelerate Associates delivers international customer satisfaction surveys for Mast who are a leading diagnostics supplier.

Accelerate Associates offers customer satisfaction survey solutions to companies operating in the medtech and laboratory markets. We deliver our surveys in local language; gathering customer feedback on key performance indicators.

Our customer satisfaction surveys collate feedback on everything from product quality to order processing to new product innovations. We work closely with our customers to align surveys with your key performance indicators as a customer satisfaction survey should provide a rich opportunity to learn from your international customer base.

As discussed in the video, Accelerate provides our “customer satisfaction survey” clients with reports containing actionable market intelligence designed to address strategic and tactical objectives.

It is worth noting that a key benefit of regular customer surveying is that changes and improvements made can be measured alongside customer needs.

From high performance laboratory cleaning chemicals to artificial bee pollen Accelerate can generate the intelligence you need to support your business decision making as all the team at Accelerate have either a scientific or healthcare background so we can design questionnaires and surveys to obtain answers to the right questions.

If you would like to know more about customer satisfaction surveys, please contact us today.


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