New EMS product market research

Funded by the Keele University Business Bridge project, Accelerate Associates has completed a research project to investigate the market for a new emergency medical services (EMS) product, determining the commercial viability of this novel product concept.

The Challenge

A product concept for a fixation aid has been developed by a UK paramedic that may have application in both civilian and battlefield emergency medicine. Research was needed to identify whether current clinical practice in the UK is reflective of prehospital clinical practice around the world. The project also determined whether any potential competitive products exist and the potential market size for the innovation.

The Approach

Opinions from prehospital emergency medical practitioners, such as paramedics, medics and EMTs were sought with an emphasis on respondents in the US, Australasia and Europe. Data was also gathered from the UK hospital sector to determine if there was any market opportunity in emergency departments or critical care facilities.

Depth interviews were conducted with representatives from Emergency Medical Supplies distributors in the UK, Europe and US as well as military contractors in order to develop the commercial story for the product concept.

Secondary research was undertaken to identify existing clinical guidelines, recommended products and potential respondents. Secondary research was also used to profile existing products and accessories utilised in both civilian and battlefield emergency medical services.


An EMS product market research report was prepared that detailed:

  • Clinical guidelines versus clinical practice in North America, Europe and Australasia.
  • Profiles of existing and potential competitive EMS products.
  • Market size and opportunity analysis for both civilian and battlefield emergency medical markets.
  • Intelligence regarding products awaiting CE approval for distribution in Europe.
  • Possible existing competitive products.
  • Incidence of injury in civilian pre-hospital care.
  • Levels of pre-hospital practitioner expertise and skill variances between geographies.


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