Anaesthesia Technology Market Assessment


Accelerate Associates delivered a global anaesthesia technology market assessment for SageTech Medical Equipment Ltd. SageTech specialises in the development of patented technology to reduce the environmental and financial costs associated with anaesthesia.

The Brief

SageTech required a global market assessment of the anaesthesia market to be completed in a specified timeframe. The main aim of the research was to collect market intelligence and to procure expert clinical and healthcare management opinions regarding the potential market for the product, market needs and intelligence regarding the supply chain and pricing.

Our Approach

Accelerate completed the anaesthesia technology study using a mix of both primary and secondary research techniques.

Detailed desk research identified potential suppliers and distributors on a global basis. Depth interviews were conducted with clinical and management respondents as well as stakeholders involved in the decision to purchase. Industrial interviews were also conducted to support commercial and project decision making. Interviewees included professionals from trade organisations and clinical associations.


Accelerate Associates delivered the anaesthesia technology research in a timely fashion providing a detailed report meeting all the requirements of the initial brief. Interviews were completed using a convenience sample across 40 NHS Trusts. In addition, medical equipment suppliers and agent distributors were identified and categorised by country. The client has used the findings of the report to drive the commercialisation of the technology.


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