Why we love working with MedTech SME’s

There are around 3,000 companies in the UK MedTech market, of which the majority of them are SMEs. Integral to this market are academic researchers, NHS clinicians, scientists, engineers and inventors resulting in an ecosystem that is ripe for innovation.

Start-ups play a significant role in this market. Specialising in early stage medical technology assessments means that Accelerate Associates is often privileged to work with young companies that plan to introduce a new medical technology into the market, have a disruptive technology or have developed a lifesaving – or changing idea.

From a market research perspective, this is a challenging and exciting market to work in. With the UK MedTech market now the sixth largest in the world, and the third largest in Europe, it is clear that UK MedTech SMEs are leading the way to improved healthcare systems and patient outcomes.


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