Structure of the mobility aids market

Mobility aids, such as scooters and powered wheelchairs, are being used increasingly in the global market. The current estimated compound annual growth rate is 3-4%.

In the UK, mobility equipment are normally sold through regional distributors. There are an estimated 1900 mobility product suppliers in the UK. The majority of the UK mobility equipment supply market operates on a regional basis. There are also national high-volume dealers selling products online and specialist companies that sell high specification prescription powerchairs.

Accelerate conducted market research interviews across a sample of 200 mobility dealers to explore the structure of the mobility aids market (supply).

Accelerate also researched the interrelationships between manufacturers and dealers. Our findings included information about pricing structures and best-selling products and models. We also identified key end user needs with regards to product features, benefits, warranty and servicing requirements. Click here to read the project case study.

If you have a market research requirement in the mobility aids market, or require in-depth intelligence about the structure of a health or medical technology market, please contact us today.


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