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Scientific PRScientific PR covers the full scope from scientific discovery through to laboratory supplies. Whether you are a life science start-up that needs to communicate and engage with investors or a distributor of diagnostic testing equipment, Accelerate Associates experienced team can achieve your PR objectives.

Using our high quality copywriting skills, we focus on identifying the story. Scientific PR often focuses on positioning the science, author or organisation in a way that you would like to been seen in the market.

Developing appropriate content for science PR audiences is a skill - too much science may cause some audiences to tune out, not enough science may insult your scientific customer base. It is a question of balance. 

Accelerate are experts at making the complex simple. With the team all qualified scientists in their own right, clients can speak to us openly. We will then pitch articles, features and content to your required audiences using language ranging from plain English to scientifically and technically correct.

Accelerate Associates scientific PR services will help you make a positive impact with your audiences to drive business development and build a positive reputation.


Founded in 2007, Accelerate Associates is a specialist business-to-business marketing agency providing marketing and market research for science and medical technologies... More...


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