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Friday, 14 October 2016 13:51

The business end of science

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Accelerate Associates gave a lecture at Birmingham University’s, School of Biosciences this week, as part of their two day, Funding Science course. The course is run for Master’s students wishing to gain a better understanding of the commercial aspects of science such as, how to set up a company, knowing a market, understanding intellectual property and how to write a grant application.

Accelerate was invited to give a lecture on ‘Knowing your market’ to introduce marketing concepts and ideas to the science graduates.

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Accelerate Associates has recently completed an assessment of UK dietitians, health visitors and paediatric nurses for Loughborough University to enable them to better understand how these healthcare professionals fulfill their continuous professional development requirements.

The project was part of Loughborough University’s ongoing promotion of the Child Feeding Guide which is currently available as a website and mobile app. The guide has been developed for parents/caregivers, childcare staff and healthcare professionals who are concerned about, or work closely with, children who might be considered ‘fussy’ eaters. The Child Feeding Guide offers strategies and resources to encourage children to have a healthy relationship with food. Loughborough University wanted to better understand the possibility of delivering the Child Feeding Guide as an accredited online learning course to key healthcare professionals.

The project was designed to collect market intelligence via primary and secondary research methods regarding continuous professional development and answered questions such as awareness of CPD courses, known CPD providers, sources of finance and propensity to engage with online CPD. Dr Emma Haycraft, Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Loughborough University comments: “The data we received from Accelerate are really useful and have provided us with the information which we need to progress our online learning course.  Accelerate were very responsive to the professionals they were working with, and developed effective strategies to obtain the information we needed from dietitians, health visitors and paediatric nurses.”

“Identifying and contacting relevant healthcare professionals to provide timely and useful information is one of our core capabilities here at Accelerate.” explains Katherine Bourne, Director at Accelerate Associates. “We work alongside universities and private organisations to provide independent market assessments on a wide range of innovations and early stage medical device developments.”

Accelerate Associates is a business-to-business marketing consultancy whose knowledge, experience and strategic insight help deliver expert public relations and specialist market research services to the medical, technology, bioscience and laboratory industries

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