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Thursday, 10 November 2016 13:02

Researching the Global Anesthesia Market

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Accelerate Associates has recently completed an Anesthesia Technology Market Assessment for SageTech Medical Equipment Ltd, a company specialising in the development of patented technology to reduce the environmental and financial costs associated with anesthesia.

SageTech required a global market assessment of the anesthesia market which Accelerate completed using a mix of both primary and secondary research techniques.

Depth interviews were conducted with clinical and management level respondents with the main focus directed towards Directors of Anesthesia. Other relevant clinicians and health management professionals were also identified and interviewed during the course of the research if they influenced or had direct control on the decision to purchase. 

Industrial interviews were also conducted to provide commentary and to support commercial and project decision making. Potential interviewees were identified by the results of secondary and primary research and included professionals from trade organisations and clinical associations.

The project was designed to collect market intelligence and to procure expert clinical and healthcare management opinions regarding the potential market for the product, market needs and intelligence regarding the supply chain and pricing of current devices.
Detailed desk research identified potential suppliers and distributors on a global basis. The results of the secondary research were then combined with intelligence gathered from primary research and market interviews.
Mark Rushworth, Managing Director at SageTech Medical Ltd comments, “The research that Accelerate Associates did for SageTech has been invaluable, both in terms of evidencing the market need for SageTech’s product and also in securing funding to progress development.”
“This exciting project is typical of how Accelerate works with clients that are developing novel technologies. Often their requirements are dynamic during the initial stages of determining the commercial viability of a technology and therefore we offer a flexible approach to our research” explains Philippa Bevan, Director at Accelerate Associates. “For example we provide regular feedback to the client so they are continually aware of the project findings enabling the client the opportunity to take action.”

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