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Philippa Bevan  

Philippa Bevan

Philippa Bevan has over fifteen years commercial and public sector experience in marketing, market research and product management spanning the education, laboratory, medical device, technology transfer and packaging industries. Philippa has a BSc (Hons) in Microbiology and Virology and is a Chartered Marketer.


Accelerate Associates completed a mapping exercise for The University of Exeter's Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI). The ESI is an interdisciplinary centre leading cutting-edge research into solutions to problems of environmental change. The aim of the research was to identify overseas academic organisations and research institutes with complementary research interests.

The Brief

The University of Exeter's Environment and Sustainability Institute required a review of universities in the Australasian region. The research objective was to identify institutions and leading academics undertaking high quality research in three key focus areas specified by the Environment Institute.

Our Approach

The study was completed using secondary research methodologies. Desk research was used to identify all universities and higher education establishments in the region.  Research performance indicators were then identified for each organisation. In addition, leading research focus areas and academics were identified through reviewing: online resources, citation indexes and by interrogating Elsevier's SciVal tool.


Accelerate Associates delivered a short list of institutions matched against the Environment Institute’s areas of expertise. A database was created that provided contact details for each university as well as research performance metrics and named academics of interest.

The Environment  and Sustainability Institute plans to use the mapping exercise output to initiate early discussions with relevant overseas institutions in order to develop and explore collaborative research opportunities and linkages.

Accelerate presented at a "Route to Market" workshop at Leeds University earlier this week. Organised by the Industry Engagement Academy, Faculty of Medicine and Health, we were invited to discuss the role of market research in considering an appropriate route to market for novel medical technologies and products.

"The workshop was an enjoyable event, with representatives from the University discussing the role of health economics and how industry and academic collaboration can lead to the development of medical devices that meet the needs of today's clinicians." commented Philippa Bevan, Director. 

Accelerate Associates regularly undertakes route to market studies for both university and private sector clients to identify potential sales partners, distributors and direct sales opportunities. This is in addition to market assessment exercises for innovations and technologies that are at an early stage in their development where we assess potential market need and size, and determine the commercial potential of a medical technology.

 Click here to view the Leeds University Industry Engagement Academy Market Research seminar.

Accelerate Associates is delighted to be returning to the PraxisUnico Conference. Hosted this year by Sheffield Hallam University, the conference runs from 14th to 16th June 2017.

Philippa Bevan, Director, Accelerate Associates commented: "For those wanting to share best practice in knowledge exchange and research commercialisation, PraxisUnico is the conference to attend. The conference is an ideal forum in which to meet new and existing colleagues within research active organisations such as Universities and other public sector institutions."

Accelerate assesses commercial viability through market research and competitor analysis. Supporting the technology transfer process, Accelerate undertakes projects ranging from market assessments to route-to-market studies and identifying potential commercial partners.


Accelerate Associates is keen to speak to physiotherapists who work regularly with stroke patients and who would be prepared to take part in a brief telephone interview (circa 20 minutes). 

The survey will be to discuss current care pathways, services and equipment supplied to stroke patients as well as a discussion about a device to aid rehabilitation of stroke patients in the home. We are completing the work for a company participating in the European ‘Magic’ programme (http://magic-pcp.eu/) to encourage technological innovations to support the rehabilitation of stroke survivors.

If you are interested in participating or would like to know more, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01785 747 102.

We are happy to interview outside of normal office hours.


The team at Accelerate Associates is celebrating 10 years in business this week!

In that time we are proud to have helped save the bee (just a little bit), enabled companies to understand the finer points of urine collection and interviewed thousands of people and companies in a variety of languages. We do like to talk!

“For us, one of the things we enjoy the most is seeing the information we generate be used to create new products, innovations and even companies. We take a lot of satisfaction from seeing our research cited in funding applications and business plans; knowing that our findings are being used to drive an organisation forward. ” commented Katherine Bourne, Director at Accelerate.

Philippa Bevan, Director, Accelerate continued: “Ten years ago, our vision was to create a consultancy that provides no nonsense marketing and market research services; combined in equal measure with a love of science and technology and attention to detail. As we look to the future, this vision still remains true. We are committed to supporting our clients; whether developing a new product, creating relevant marketing plans and strategies or managing their media relations.”

 Since 2007, Accelerate Associates has supported science and technology organisations by generating bespoke market intelligence and strategic marketing plans to enable business decision making, product and business development.  As we move through 2017, how could Accelerate help your business? 

Contact us today to discuss how Accelerate can drive your business forward.

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