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Tuesday, 20 September 2016 13:14

Laboratory Diagnostics Customer Survey

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Accelerate Associates delivered a multi-national customer survey for Mast Group Ltd. Mast is a leading supplier of microbiology and immunology products that are supplied to more than 40 international markets.

The Brief

Mast Group required a customer survey that could be delivered concurrently across all client countries within a required time frame. The overall aim of the survey was to obtain feedback from an unbiased cross section of Mast's customers. The survey was to identify performance against key performance indicators as well as gather opinion and intelligence from customers in order to measure performance in meeting these key customer needs. In addition, areas requiring improvements were identified and prioritised.

Our Approach

In conjunction with Mast Group, key performance areas for the business were identified and Accelerate prepared a suitable customer interview schedule. Each customer was provided with three opportunities to participate - either during a telephone interview or by completing an online survey. All interviews were completed in the respondents local language to ensure a complete response.


Interviews were recorded in 10 countries. Accelerate Associates delivered a concise report detailing performance in key areas such as quality control and customer service as well as in operational topics such as delivery lead times. The report also included customer comments and suggestions for improvements as well as positive feedback for Mast's staff who go the extra mile for their clients.



Tuesday, 20 September 2016 12:59

Identifying Potential Licensees

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Accelerate Associates regularly delivers bespoke market research intelligence to support University enterprise activities. 

The Brief

A university academic had developed a novel design for a medical device commonly used in ultrasound guided surgery. The University required support to examine the global market for similar devices in order to identify potential commercial partners to approach as possible licensees or to purchase the associated IP rights to the device design. The University required a summary database and report to be returned at the end of the project and for Accelerate to make initial contact with each company to gauge interest and to put a disclosure agreement in place to enable rapid escalation of discussions with the client university. 

Our Approach

Accelerate Associates has a substantial history of working in the medical device market. In addition to being able to interrogate our own records, Accelerate conducted a global company search looking for manufacturers and distributors operating in the ultrasound accessories market as well as medical device manufactures utilising injection moulding. Over 8,000 companies were identified and screened against search parameters determined by Accelerate in conjunction with the university.


Accelerate identified several tiers of potential commercial partnering opportunities including:

  • companies currently operating in the ultrasound guided surgery accessory market (market leading direct competitors to the novel device)
  • companies selling products into similar end markets who were interested in adding new products to their portfolio
  • manufacturers of medical devices capable with injection moulding facilities
  • companies that are known to purchase medical device IP rights
  • contract manufacturers
  • distributors operating in key target product markets.

In addition, Accelerate was able to engage the University in direct talks with a global market leader. 




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