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The Care Training Company Limited provides clinical and care based training to domiciliary care providers, nursing homes and nurse agencies. Training is delivered either face-to-face or through blended techniques with private study. The company also provides train-the-trainer programmes and provides…
Rotarad Ltd manufactures a patented rotating valve kit for radiators which enables new or existing radiators to be rotated down to floor level for cleaning and decorating purposes - without having to remove or drain the radiator. The accessibility to…
Monday, 11 March 2019 16:56

RAFI TONE innovation survey case study

Asthma is the most common lung condition in children in the UK, affecting around 1 in 11 children. Although there is no cure for asthma, it can usually be controlled through the use of medications which are normally in the…
Tuesday, 05 March 2019 08:55

Assistive technology for dementia care

It is estimated that 850,000 people are living with dementia in the UK. Assistive technology devices can aid people with dementia, and their carers, by providing technological solutions to some of the challenges associated with dementia care. The challenge Accelerate…
Thursday, 07 June 2018 10:29

New product marketing research

Diplopia, more often referred to as double vision, is a common complaint with an estimated 850,000 people suffering from the condition in the U.S.A in 2017. The symptoms of the disease vary as do its causes but one of the…
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