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Philippa Bevan

Philippa Bevan has over fifteen years commercial and public sector experience in marketing, market research and product management spanning the education, laboratory, medical device, technology transfer and packaging industries. Philippa has a BSc (Hons) in Microbiology and Virology and is a Chartered Marketer.

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I have lost count of the number of client testimonial pieces that we have worked on over the last 20 years and it is still true to say that testimonial articles remain a valid marketing tactic in the B2B arena.

With technology just a click or voice command away, it is often all too tempting to interview clients and their end users over the phone. However, where possible, especially when we are covering a significant technological breakthrough or improvement, the face-to-face approach is still king.

Just as when conducting market research, face-to-face interviewing of a satisfied end user allows for a much deeper conversation and more comprehensive appreciation of the factors that led to their purchase. Aside from the potential to witness an in-situ demonstration of the product or service, or to speak with additional members of the team, one-to-one interviewing enables body language and facial expressions to be more clearly understood and identified; enabling further probing and explanations of responses given during the interview that may not be so easy to pick up on over the 'phone.

Whether to interview in person or not depends on many factors, including the objectives for the finished piece. Before any interview, we define the audience we wish to influence and set objectives. 

In addition to helping to establish trust and credibility in the market, another benefit of client testimonials is that you get to understand the 'normal', natural language that end users use when talking about their purchase. For a cutting edge scientific product or technology, this intelligence can be invaluable in supporting message formation and keyword identification.

Whenever we interview face-to-face we often arrange to take a professional photographer along. It is hard to imagine any trade press activity on or off line that does not use or need great photography to capture the imagination of their audience. We would always recommend that a professional photographer is used as a good quality set of photos can often be the difference between publication or not. Despite our lack of photography skills, we have worked with a number of excellent photographers over the years and we know what makes a good press photo.

At Accelerate, we recently created a customer testimonial piece for Dr Weigert UK, a provider of technical cleaning solutions. We interviewed the Head of Sterile Services at the Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle-upon-Tyne about the recent installation of Dr Weigert's neodisher ® ALPHA dosing system. The article has been published in the Clinical Services Journal and features photography taken on location.

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Accelerate Associates is currently exploring the use of assistive technology by carers of adults with dementia. With over 850,000 people predicted to have dementia in the United Kingdom, dementia presents a significant care challenge.

In addition to interviewing current and past carers of adults with dementia and specialist residential dementia facility managers, we are surveying the general adult population online regarding awareness and understanding of assistive technologies that are currently available.

Take part in the Assistive Technology survey.

The survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete and your responses will be collected anonymously. The survey is open to any adult aged over 18 years old and you do not need to be a carer to participate.

You may read our privacy notice here.

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Good quality market intelligence helps to reduce the risks associated with developing new or improved products by helping businesses to understand their potential customers, the competitive environment and market dynamics such as typical routes to market.

At Accelerate, we believe firmly in generating actionable market intelligence to support business decision making. We regularly conduct projects utilising a mixture of primary (field) and secondary (desk) research as this provides a rich view of a market scenario.

Both types of market research have their relative merits and drawbacks.

Primary research generates new data directly from sources such as key opinion leaders and experts. As specialists in early stage medical device market assessments, we routinely conduct a variety of clinician and senior healthcare management depth interviews. The benefit of primary research is that it is ideal for gathering qualitative information such as opinions and thoughts about new products and buying processes.

Secondary research identifies data that has already been created. Whether a source such as an industry report or published government data; secondary research provides quantitative data. A downside to using secondary research is that the information that exists may not fully meet your information needs, or not be in a format that is useful. However, it may reveal spending trends, potential market size etc. 

Without a doubt, using primary research to fill information voids is the most efficient use of research time and ultimately frames the context of secondary data.

When completing projects to assess product development options where clients simply want to know whether to pursue development of product A, B, C or D, we will conduct secondary research first to identify potential user numbers, existing technologies, competitors, relevant patient numbers etc. When collated, this information may indicate attractive market segments and product options which are later revised in lieu of primary feedback that investigates the nuances of market “needs” and to what extent they are being met.

Read on to learn more about Accelerate Associates and our bespoke market research services.

12 September 2018

Knocking on virtual doors

Published in Marketing

Travelling, whether to meet with existing clients and prospects, attend exhibitions or networking events, enables essential activities that help businesses to grow. We are keenly aware of how much valuable time it takes to get around by road. Despite being regular users of public transport, this can be inconvenient when accessing more remote locations. 

Increasingly, technology offers a solution; a fact that is reflected in the number of projects we now complete without ever having met the client face-to-face. Skype and other video conferencing portals offer a real opportunity to reduce and eliminate unnecessary travel. 

Similarly, social media can supplement networking and provide business development opportunities. As a business-to-business company we use LinkedIn and twitter to engage with people that we may not have had the opportunity to meet face-to-face.

LinkedIn is a core business development tool which we use on behalf of a range of clients to find and engage with contacts for their own businesses.  The key benefits of this service are that it saves time and resources; enabling sales staff to strategically plan their time on the road. From profiling and contacting likely prospects to upgrading LinkedIn profiles, our work behind the scenes supports clients to grow their potential customer base and enables sales teams to work smarter.

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Diplopia, more often referred to as double vision, is a common complaint with an estimated 850,000 people suffering from the condition in the U.S.A in 2017.

The symptoms of the disease vary as do its causes but one of the main treatments for the condition is to occlude the vision in one eye. Patching allows for greater visual acuity resulting in less strain on the affected eye making tasks such as reading and watching television easier.

The challenge

An inventor of a novel occlusion product, wished to commission a piece of research to verify the market potential for the innovation. In addition, the research needed to focus on the identification of a suitable brand name which could be trademarked and where the website domain was still available.

The Staffordshire based company  was also interested in research to guide their marketing strategy including; route to market information, the identification of appropriate advertising channels, packaging design and recommended suppliers for packaging and website development.

The approach

Accelerate undertook primary research in the form of an online survey to determine how and where members of the general public would search for eye-patches, terminology used by customers wishing to occlude the vision in one eye, product features and benefits rated most highly by potential customers and a reaction to test a selection of potential brand names.

The results of the online survey were used to direct a keyword analysis, the outcome of which was used to plan content for an ecommerce website, direct search engine optimisation and form the basis of a digital marketing plan.


The information supplied by respondents of the online survey as to which words they would use to search for a product to occlude the vision in one eye, together with the test selection of potential brand names, was used to formulate a selection of brand names. The names were designed to reflect the nature of the product and have the potential to become a registered trademark and website domain.

From the selection of potential brand names, the inventor selected the one which was most popular with survey respondents and is now in the process of registering it as a trademark and website domain.

Accelerate also recommended providers of packaging, design and web development and delivered an appraisal of relevant shelf pack designs and pricing.

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