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Tuesday, 06 February 2018 10:56

Keeping your brand healthy in 2018

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The science markets have experienced uncertainty since the UK voted to leave the EU. Now, it is essential for brands to understand how they are perceived in the market.

Industry research has identified those brands that are continuing to grow in value despite current market conditions. These strong brands share the following attributes:

A strong purpose: to improve customer's lives somehow. Successful brands translate their purpose into their product/service development and articulate this clearly to their customers through marketing communications activity.

A positive brand experience: From the brand's website to product packaging and delivery, customers must have a positive experience.

Brands exampling the attributes above are more likely to be able to command a premium price, expand into new market segments and geographies.

However, measuring performance is key to understanding how your brand is perceived and, therefore, how performance can be improved. A strong, defined and differentiated purpose should be the main priority and should be reflected in every innovation, communication and interaction with your market.

From marketing strategy to communications activities, Accelerate Associates provides flexible marketing support to companies in the medical technology and laboratory markets. For companies looking to better understand how their brands are perceived, we provide customer satisfaction and brand awareness research to measure key indicators of brand performance.



Published in Market Research

Accelerate Associates regularly examines the potential market opportunity for novel medical devices and diagnostic tools. The next stage is to take the product to market.

There are generally five characteristics that affect the rate of adoption of innovative products. These are:

  • Relative advantage: What benefits the innovation provides the user over existing technology
  • Compatibility: How consistent the innovation is with existing values and needs in the market
  • Complexity: Whether the innovation is more or less difficult to use than existing technology
  • Trialability: How much can the innovation be experienced on a limited basis before purchase
  • Observability: The visibility of the result of using the innovation to other potential users in the market.

Accelerate produces strategic marketing plans to launch novel medical devices and diagnostics into the global marketplace. Using our market research expertise, we identify key opinion leaders and opportunities to identify potential early adopters. Combine this with a strategic marketing communications program for a successful new product launch.


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