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Wednesday, 12 September 2018 11:48

Knocking on virtual doors

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Travelling, whether to meet with existing clients and prospects, attend exhibitions or networking events, enables essential activities that help businesses to grow. We are keenly aware of how much valuable time it takes to get around by road. Despite being regular users of public transport, this can be inconvenient when accessing more remote locations. 

Increasingly, technology offers a solution; a fact that is reflected in the number of projects we now complete without ever having met the client face-to-face. Skype and other video conferencing portals offer a real opportunity to reduce and eliminate unnecessary travel. 

Similarly, social media can supplement networking and provide business development opportunities. As a business-to-business company we use LinkedIn and twitter to engage with people that we may not have had the opportunity to meet face-to-face.

LinkedIn is a core business development tool which we use on behalf of a range of clients to find and engage with contacts for their own businesses.  The key benefits of this service are that it saves time and resources; enabling sales staff to strategically plan their time on the road. From profiling and contacting likely prospects to upgrading LinkedIn profiles, our work behind the scenes supports clients to grow their potential customer base and enables sales teams to work smarter.

Published in Market Research

Accelerate Associates has completed a market scoping exercise to survey a sample of laboratories across the UK. Targeting laboratory managers, the survey was designed to assess the market size and demand for a piece of specialist laboratory equipment.

Utilising a mixture of telephone interviews and online surveying, Accelerate Associates was able to define precise product feature requirements, issues with existing equipment and capture marketing communications intelligence for our client.

The respondents were drawn from a number of specialties ranging from water testing to medical microbiology laboratories.


Published in Market Research

Accelerate Associates regularly examines the potential market opportunity for novel medical devices and diagnostic tools. The next stage is to take the product to market.

There are generally five characteristics that affect the rate of adoption of innovative products. These are:

  • Relative advantage: What benefits the innovation provides the user over existing technology
  • Compatibility: How consistent the innovation is with existing values and needs in the market
  • Complexity: Whether the innovation is more or less difficult to use than existing technology
  • Trialability: How much can the innovation be experienced on a limited basis before purchase
  • Observability: The visibility of the result of using the innovation to other potential users in the market.

Accelerate produces strategic marketing plans to launch novel medical devices and diagnostics into the global marketplace. Using our market research expertise, we identify key opinion leaders and opportunities to identify potential early adopters. Combine this with a strategic marketing communications program for a successful new product launch.


Published in Market Research

Accelerate Associates is proud to support the new BizInn initiative at the University of Birmingham.

Tenants and users of the new business incubator, BizInn, at Birmingham University will be able to recieve support in the form of market research and marketing guidance from Accelerate Associates.

With 12 tenants already accepted into the incubator, the BizInn looks set to encourage entrepreneurship across a diverse range of sectors.

Accelerate Associates has signed up as a corporate sponsor to support early stage companies, with medical or scientific product lines, where we will provide both group and one-to-one support to help progress good ideas into successful businesses.

The BizInn provides hot desk facilities, surgeries and workshops to encourage entrepreneurship. For more information, visit the Birmingham Research Park website.


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