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Thursday, 27 July 2017 15:45

International cancer screening research

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Accelerate Associates, a scientific marketing consultancy has researched the structure of healthcare markets in selected geographical areas including Australia, China, Iberia, Scandinavia, U.A.E and the U.S.A, in order to determine: how the healthcare markets operate in relation to breast cancer screening; how breast cancer screening and diagnostic mammography is funded; and to develop an understanding of the key associations, research groups and other influential organisations in breast cancer for each market. 

The research team considered the potential for a self-assessment and training scheme model for other vertical clinical areas.  This specifically entailed looking at other types of cancers that are routinely diagnosed using radiographic techniques.

The project output was to support the development of a structured business plan for each global market detailing how each operated; highlighting other clinical areas that could be exploited in the UK and internationally.

Accelerate Associates is a market research and outsourced marketing management services company, for businesses operating in the medical device, laboratory or technical product marketplaces.  The team specialises in delivering bespoke primary and secondary research packages to support product development and commercial decision making in the scientific and medical sectors. 

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Accelerate has recently completed a piece of global market research covering geographies including Chile, Argentina and China. Conducted on behalf of a UK University, the research quantified the global market value for a unique animal feed market; providing the University with the strategic information required to determine whether to further explore academic research in this area.

Accelerate regularly undertakes bespoke business to business international research projects using our dedicated team of translators and local language interviewers to ensure that all aspects of secondary and primary research are completed in the native language(s) of each target market.

Working with SMEs in the medical technology sector and UK Universities, Accelerate specialises in small to medium scale international studies to provide high quality local intelligence to support business decision making, customer service and sales.

Whether you require a study focused on a single market or require a more complex multi-country study, Accelerate will recommend a suitable methodology to deliver the intelligence you require.

In addition to completing bespoke business development and innovation market assessment studies, Accelerate also delivers international customer satisfaction surveys in several countries simultaneously which are ideal for UK companies that trade internationally.

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